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Custom solutions to meet your unique, individual needs.

We cater to your needs

Instead of hiring and training a new employee who doesn’t know how to make you money while costing you tens of thousands of dollars in wages and benefits, rent us for a year or two. Instead of dealing with the added time and stress of implementing new changes, let us take much of that burden off your shoulders.

We will be available as much or as little as necessary to help you move towards your goals.

What makes us different?

Experienced Background

CEO For Dentists™ has already worked with, studied, or attended meetings with Whitehall/Greg Stanley, Jay Geier, Gary Kadi, Wendy Briggs, Ed O’Keefe, and Madow Group as well as others.


Others in the consulting field have utilized CEO For Dentists™ ideas. We eliminate the need for shutdowns, travel by doctor and staff, and the loss of production.

Recognizing needs

We help the doctor implement changes within their practice instead of just telling the doctor what to do. CEO For Dentists™ will work with your staff to get these changes implemented, removing that stress from the doctor.

OUR Approach

We believe the doctor’s time is valuable, and in communications will always bring value to the doctor with a goal of never wasting their time. We understand each doctor/owner will be unique to all others.


Sleep Apnea Boot Camp

JUNE 9th

Learn how Dr. Smith has successfully added sleep apnea to her practice and helped over 2,000 patients and their spouses sleep better while improving the quality of their lives.

More Trainings

Fastbraces® Academy

May 19th

Advanced Fastbraces® training for doctors looking to help more patients, plus learn how to increase production in an already busy dental practice from Dr. Smith, the Fastbraces® ‘Top Doctor Worldwide Award’ recipient.