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For those interested in using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea, you would have permission to use CPAP Sucks® and CPAP Sucks® media packages for additional costs. CPAP Sucks® is probably the best marketing campaign in the world for attracting patients who hate their CPAP and looking for alternatives. No unauthorized use of CPAP Sucks® will be allowed.

Sleep Apnea

If you are serious about helping people who are suffering with sleep apnea then you need to upgrade your marketing. CPAP Sucks® could be the most valuable phrase in general dentistry, and made Dentistry With TLC into the largest provider of SomnoMed sleep appliances in North America.  Prior to using CPAP Sucks®, Dentistry With TLC was the largest territorial client for the Snoring Isn't Sexy® marketing campaign. CPAP Sucks® is the very best marketing in existence to my knowledge for attracting people who know they have sleep apnea.  Other marketing attracts people who aren't as convinced they have a problem with sleep apnea.


This should be the best investment you will ever make in your dental career if you are treating sleep apnea with oral appliances. CPAP Sucks® is responsible for MILLIONS in production.


Email to get signed up in your area.  Discounts available if you are also a CEO For Dentists™ comprehensive client.


No unauthorized use of CPAP Sucks® will be tolerated.


We are now sharing our magic with approved dentists through licensing agreements.  You will also have access to the CPAP Sucks® website, CPAP Sucks® media, and CPAP Sucks® digital marketing for an additional investment.

CEO For Dentists™, LLC will help you:

Have a better trained staff

Increase new patients & referrals

Attract patients who would not normally schedule an appointment

Stop being a commodity

Stop bowing down to insurance companies