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CEO For Dentists™ has proven it can help a dental practice grow new patient numbers and increase case size. We all work hard, but we can help you work smarter.

CEO For Dentists™ will help you:

Have a better trained staff

Increase new patients & referrals

Attract patients who would not normally schedule an appointment

Stop being a commodity

Stop bowing down to insurance companies

For those interested in using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea, you would have permission to use CPAP Sucks® and CPAP Sucks® media and digital packages for additional costs. CPAP Sucks® is probably the best marketing campaign in the world for attracting patients who hate their CPAP and looking for alternatives. No unauthorized use of CPAP Sucks® will be allowed.

Practice Management is the core of what CEO For Dentists™ is all about. Practice Management includes:

Phone Skills

Schedule Management

Patient Management

Staff Management

Corrective Action

Hygiene Management

Associate Management

Systems Designed for You

Command Control Structure

Owner/Doctor Management


Insurance & Financing Training



Oral Appliance Therapy Training

Incentives (bonus programs and/or the fear of loss)


Departmental Training

Fastbraces® Training

Of all the issues within a practice, having a physically and emotionally healthy doctor is most important. If you are not, then nothing else matters, and over time your dread of going to work plus the growing resentment towards patients and staff can derail your dreams. Instead of feeling successful, you can instead feel trapped and depressed. Even achieving the dream of owning a successful practice can leave some dentists seeking more.


What I have experienced and witnessed is that most doctors have very little control over their practice or their lives within their practice. And often these wonderful and talented dentists make the absolute worst decision possible which is to hire an associate doctor in the hopes of relieving stress. It is my believe that hiring an associate doctor is the last resort and only needed when you are seeing about 100 new patients/mo using my systems. Do not hire an associate until you talk to me first. You may have been given bad advice by someone who doesn't understand your unique needs. Being open longer hours and seeing more patients with an associate is rarely the best answer I've found.


CEO For Dentists™ is not the cheapest however it is undoubtedly the most valuable coaching service available to you. It's doubtful you will find another consultant with equivalent real world experience running a successful practice such as Dentistry With TLC. In fact years ago consultants were learning from us which prompted Travis Smith to begin helping other dentists himself. If you are already successful there aren't many people in this world you can look to in order to learn how to be even better. If you want to earn more you should be coached by CEO For Dentists™ versus someone who couldn't achieve it themselves.