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Media Support

 CEO For Dentists™ has assembled a tremendous marketing and advertising team who are ready to grow your practice.  These top advisors have also been involved in the success of Dentistry with TLC.  Our team will help you plan, create, and implement a comprehensive multimedia advertising plan to increase Top Of the Mind Awareness to attract more new patients.

Broadcast Media

We’ve found that Broadcast Media is a great way to get your message out to the masses quickly; our experienced team can help you with a comprehensive media plan.  We’ll do the research to find the right medium for you to use and then the right channels for you to use: if radio is a valid option, we’ll find the right stations.  If TV is a solid route to take we’ll help you pick the right channels and networks.

CEO For Dentists™ will be a liaison in contacting different media companies in your area, negotiating pricing, taking care of placing orders and even checking station invoices so you know you’re schedule is running as ordered – all without you having to speak to one sales rep.

Through trial and error, we’ve developed a message that’ll help your brand break through the clutter of advertising. We have radio and television commercials ready for you to use that can be customized to your particular practice and area.  There are customized media packages ready for you to utilize to creating branding, awareness and ultimately action; you’ll be the ‘go-to’ dentist and/or oral appliance provider when these messages begin airing in your market!


Digital Media

CEO For Dentists™ has a full-service digital marketing and advertising team at its disposal to help you with your practice’s online presence.  From building websites to helping with search engine optimization, we can handle it all for you.  No one client is exactly the same but digital advertising can be as niche or as broad as you need it to be.  Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry, that’s our job!  Our digital team will help you with a demographic analysis of your market, a competitive analysis along with making recommendations on which online tools to use to best reach your prospective customers.

Once a plan is in place, our team will help design and create advertisements that cut through the clutter and have a clear, defined message.  Along with monitoring and optimizing your online campaign throughout, we’ll be able to help you analyze and evaluate the digital statistics and web visitors who are interacting with your ads and visiting your website and social media pages.  We provide monthly analytics updates along with direct support to answer any questions you may have along the way.  You can be as involved as you’d like to; we understand you have a business to run, let the experts with CEO For Dentists™ handle the rest!

CEO For Dentists™ will help you:

Have a better trained staff

Increase new patients & referrals

Attract patients who would not normally schedule an appointment

Stop being a commodity

Stop bowing down to insurance companies

For those interested in using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea, you would have permission to use CPAP Sucks® and CPAP Sucks® media packages for additional costs. CPAP Sucks® is the best marketing campaign in the world for attracting patients who hate their CPAP and looking for alternatives. No unauthorized use of CPAP Sucks® will be allowed.