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“Travis is genuine in his efforts to help doctors reach their maximum potential.  He is blunt, bold and direct just like a CEO should be.  He allies himself with the doctors’ wishes for growth and even connects and risks his compensation to the results he gets.  If a doctor is looking for success, Travis is the man to talk to.  He will visit the doctor’s office, provide a sincere assessment and make recommendations that will put the doctor’s practice on the road to growth and success.  Give him a call today!”

Dr. Anthony Viazis, Fastbraces® Founder

“In 2007 Travis and I purchased a dental practice in a non-affluent, economically-struggling area of southern Illinois. After just twelve months our practice began collecting an additional $100,000 per month! Since then Dentistry with TLC has become one of the largest practices in the St. Louis area. Think about what is creating stress for you in your practice. Travis will get your practice working for you without wasting your time. Are you ready to work less and earn more?”

Dr. Anna R. Smith, Dentistry with TLC

“I have 25 years’ experience, plus my dad and wife are also dentists, so it wasn’t natural for me to seek advice from an outsider. My dad first met Travis Smith of CEO For Dentists and was very impressed by him, and as a favor to my dad I agreed to meet with Travis over lunch. I have never worked with a practice consultant before and was very skeptical going into that initial meeting. However, Travis got my attention and I signed up with him the following month. Now three months later I can say it has ben money well spent.”

Dr. Michael T. Katsev

“Our practice is currently in our first year with Travis Smith and CEO For Dentists. Bringing in a practice consultant was a big decision and one I wrestled with for some time. I wanted to improve our practice systems and structure, but didn’t want a “one size fits all, cookie cutter” approach that most national consultants bring. Working with Travis Smith is different in that we customized a plan for our practice based on our specific needs and goals. Also, Travis Smith make in person office visits at least monthly and more if needed. He is also available anytime to me or any of our team members for a phone consultation. It’s easy for someone to just suggest ideas, but it is another thing to help you in the actual implementation of those changes.”

Dr. Kevin Shelton, Park Place Dental Group

“Travis helped change our 'office mindset', facilitating growth and improvement in the delivery of dental care with expediency, refinement and integrity.”

Dr. Chris Cerceo, Tahoe Family Dentists

“Travis is an asset in helping any dental practice achieve their goals. He has helped many practices realize incredible success in gaining new patients and achieving practice growth utilizing a customized solution for each practices individual challenges.”

Christian Fehling, Patterson Dental

“I would highly recommend Travis Smith, CEO For Dentists, to help with your dental practice. Since working with Travis we have implemented a sleep apnea treatment protocol into our dental practice that increased our production greatly, and has given me a renewed sense of fulfillment with my 27 year old dental practice. He allows access to all his staff members who are able to answer questions about the daily routine of treating apnea patients. He and Anna were very helpful with the marketing aspect of it as well. They are committed to your success!! It was comforting to me to know that they have done it and been extremely successful. It gave me the confidence to really focus on incorporating that into my practice. Travis is one of the nicest people I’ve met and I would highly recommend working with him. He’ll help you in any way possible!”

Dr. Kim Westermann, Westermann Family Dentistry

“Travis and Anna have helped me break through obstacles and issues that after 30+ years of practice had become invisible to me. Anna has given me a fresh look at the range of dental services a general dentist can offer profitably, and Travis has helped me find and bring out the best in my employees. Since beginning to work with Travis my NET has been on the definite upswing. I am looking forward to keeping this momentum up in the coming year. Travis can give you the custom coaching needed to move you to the next level. He has perceptive insight about people and situations/relationships. He has helped me reorganize my practice with stellar bottom line results. Thanks!!”

Dr. Dennis D. Wong, Sacramento Sedation Dentistry

“Working with Travis Smith has been beneficial on many levels. Not only does he manage an extremely successful dental office but he and Dr. Anna Smith are not afraid to think outside the box and test and improve marketing principles, office systems and protocols. They provide services at the forefront of dentistry such as Sleep Apnea, Botox and Dermal Fillers and Fastbraces. There isn’t much their office has not done nor tested. I found Travis to be a courteous, professional, well-spoken person that truly wants to help the people he works with.”

Dr. George Limantzakis, Seaway Family Dental

CEO For Dentists™ is the best.

CEO For Dentists™ is not the cheapest however it is undoubtedly the most valuable coaching service available to you. It's doubtful you will find another consultant with equivalent real world experience running a successful practice such as Dentistry With TLC. In fact years ago consultants were learning from us which prompted Travis Smith to begin helping other dentists himself. If you are already successful there aren't many people in this world you can look to in order to learn how to be even better. If you want to earn more you should be coached by CEO For Dentists™ versus someone who couldn't achieve it themselves.